By-elections aftermath – A stolen revolution!

(First published online 21/09/10)

Mike Mbuvi is a rich young man. He is a very rich man who drives a hummer, runs a fleet of the most pimped up matatus on Route 58 and who also owns Club Casurina in Buruburu.  Sonko is Sheng for a very rich person.  Mike got nicknamed Sonko and this nickname has stuck and everyone in Kenya now knows what Sonko means. There are rumors as to the source of his endless wealth and his impunity (his matatus are never impounded) but no one has proof as to his alleged drug dealing. Congratulations Mheshimiwa Sonko!

Kabogo is the original pimped up youthful MP. Flashy, blinged up and helicopter riding Kabogo leaves no doubt that he is in the money and he is a big league player. He is rumored to be a drug lord but these allegations have never been proven. Congratulations Mheshimiwa Kabogo!

Wanjiru is the hip, flashy Bishop of Jesus is Alive Ministry. When Kamanda won the election petition everyone was so sure that the Glory had gone BUT Wanjiru is a smart woman. Sometime back she accepted Mugniki boss Maina Njenga into her church and he came with droves of Mungiki youth. So at her hour of need, Wanjiru called on a favor and Maina Njenga through his powerful Mungiki delivered and delivered big. Wanjiru thrashed Kamanda, got back her Glory and everyone is shocked! Congratulations Mheshimiwa Wanjiru!

So there you have it. Three by-elections and we three have youthful MPs getting into Bunge.

Isn’t that the change we were looking for? Out with the wazezes and in with the vijana! The youthful revolution has begun and its full steam to 2012. Does the fact that two of them won their seats using alleged drug money and one won back her seat using the power of the dreaded Mungiki matter?

I feel that these by-elections are a sign of things to come and it is scary!

On the street there are some very strange rumors floating around and I have been in Nairobi long enough to respect the Nairobi rumor mill. Let me share with you the scary rumors of 2012 elections:

Fidel Odinga is being groomed to be the MP for Kasarani. Maina Njenga is planning to be the MP of Starehe. Gumo is grooming his son to take over the Westlands seat. KJ will be running to be MP for Dagoretti. Gumo himself is seeking to be Govenor of Nairobi. Yes, the seats are being divided and shared and you will just be needed to rubber stamp the decision with your vote.

As you digest these rumors remember that the youth are the biggest voting bloc and in Nairobi a majority of these youth are in the slums and cannot relate to the aspirations of good governance, democracy and all the fancy words. The middleclass never care enough to vote while the poor always vote. Look at a majority of MPs in Nairobi, they first got experience as councilors and then became MPs.

I have just realized that the slum areas are vote rich (look at Langata (Kibera), Starehe (Mathare), Makadara (the three Mukurus) etc.) and it’s clear that the slum-dwellers are the ones who decide who becomes an MP in every constituency in Nairobi and who will also determine who will became a Govenor.

Now pause and think who controls these slums/poor neighbors? MUNGIKI! So the division of seats is not someone’s dream but a well-calculated scheme.

We are all excited about the youthful revolution and we all believe that 2012 is the year when we send all the old wazees packing BUT exactly who are we replacing them with?

It’s time we all woke up and realized that the revolution is being stolen from right under our noses and we need to stop it before it is too late.

Be afraid, be very afraid!




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