(First published online 20/9/10)

It is by-election day in Kenya as three constituencies go to the polls. Makadara, Juja and Starehe all had election results of their former MPS nullified due to election irregularities.

It always strikes me as odd that someone who has had their election nullified is allowed to run in the subsequent by-election. It would be better if as punishment or for the sake of justice they are barred from running until maybe the next general election.

In the same breath, shouldn’t someone, the ECK or the former MP be required to pay back the salary earned fraudulently? It is only fair that if the person was serving as an MP in error then they should not have being earning a salary!

With that out of the way, ordinarily I would have analyzed the different constituencies and the aspirants and given my thoughts on who I think will win but to be honest I would care less! Look at the aspirants on offer:

1.   Makadara – Wathika , Ndolo, Sonko

2.   Juja – Kabogo, Thuo, Alice

3.   Starehe – Kamanda , Wanjiru

Would you entrust any of these men and women with the running of a kiosk or a village cattle dip? Methinks your answer is most likely not.

However, at the end of today three of them will be running constituencies and controlling monies running to millions of shillings. They will also be law makers determining national laws and possibly ministers influencing government policy decision. This is massive power.

So my question is why do we let clowns and incompetent men and women run our politics?

“Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.” – Plato

Food for thought!


UPDATE; Sonko won in Makadara. Wanjiru won in Starehe. Kabogo won in Juja. I’m preparing an analysis of the results and what the future holds for Kenyan politics. It will SHOCK you!



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