Gideon Moi’s outburst.

(First posted online on 17/8/10)

Speaking at Silibwet sports ground in Bomet District during (ironically) a thanksgiving ceremony, Gideon Moi son of former President Moi, had quite a lot of nasty things to say.

Since Gideon has not come out to deny these statements attributed to him, we can safely presume that he was not misquoted.

I have summarised his views:

1.     They would not allow anyone to interfere with Rift valley province.


2.     If the new Constitutional dispensation is implemented in its current form, it would open room for a scramble for Rift Valley by outsiders.


3.     Residents of Rift Valley would not allow even an inch of the vast region to be taken over by some outsiders who were eyeing seats in Nakuru once the proposed county system takes effect.


4.     Historically, Nakuru town is the headquarters of Rift Valley Province, and that indigenous communities will not be pushed out. Nakuru has been and will remain the headquarters of Rift Valley Province forever and they will not accept to lose what is rightly theirs in the province,

From these views we can deduce the following:


1.   There are Kenyans who are more equal than others and it does not matter what Kenyans did on August 4th, Kenya has its owners and they decide what to do or not to do, the law notwithstanding.


2.   There are “residents” and “outsiders” in certain parts of this country.



3.   Change will be heavily resisted by those who have benefited vastly from the status quo.


4.   Land was the crux of the matter for a majority of those who campaigned vigorously against the new constitution.


These ladies and gentlemen is very very dangerous talk. This is the kind of talk that has led to ethnic clashes in 1992, 1997 and in 2007. No sane Kenya would wish to see this country go back to that abyss that we had sunk to in the post-election violence. Kenyans have just proven to themselves and to the world that we are democrats and we can conduct free, fair and peaceful elections.

This warmongering talk MUST be nipped in the bud! Gideon Moi and other like-minded individuals need to grasp the following facts:

FACT – The new constitution allows EVERY Kenyan to acquire property and SETTLE and LIVE anywhere in the country.

FACT – The new constitution has done away with provinces and in its place there are counties. So there shall no longer be Rift Valley or any other province for that matter.

FACT – The Land Chapter in the constitution will be implemented and a lot of the people who illegally acquired land in this country should be very afraid.

FACT – This is Kenya 2.0 and Kenyans are tired of the usual bull crap from ethnic warlords and we shall be vigilant in guarding our country’s peace and stability as we strive towards success.

The Chair of The National Cohesion and Integration Commission, Dr Mzalendo K. Kibunja should urgently look into this matter with a view of prosecuting Gideon Moi for inflammatory statements.

In conclusion, the race is not for the swift but for he who endure the most. Ladies and gentlemen, yes, we passed the new constitution BUT the crux of the matter will be in implementation. There shall be many roadblocks and we have to remain vigilant and not be distracted by the sideshows that our politicians are so fond of.

God Bless Kenya.


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