Niko Na.

(First published online on 13/11/10)

These are my two-cents regarding the now (in) famous Niko Na Safaricom advertisement. For starters, if you have not watched it go on youtube and search for it and while you are at it search for the Qantas 1998 ad and then make up your own judgment as to the Safaricom’s ad originality.

As for me I am in no doubt. Niko Na is a copy and paste of the Qantas ad. Kenyan ad creatives have certainly being getting off the hook with doing shoddy jobs (look at the various ads on air) but with this Niko Na ad, their unoriginality is open for all to see. I have heard arguments that nothing is new under the sun so originality is a hard call but with google and youtube ad creatives will certainly have to earn their pay and not try to fool us.

Moving on, the Niko Na ad is AWESOME! It shows a magical and beautiful Kenya and it inspires pride and patriotism. We can bitch about it as a company but you have to admit that Safaricom has got the Kenya market completely figured out and they know what strings to pull to make us emotionally attached to them.

Zain which initiated a price war by slashing its prices and which allegedly re-brands to Airtel on 20 Nov has had its thunder stolen as everywhere you go the Niko Na ad is being discussed. Clearly their “thli mbob one mbob” Mwala ads do not pass the standard and they will have to upgrade. Wonder who the ad company they are using will copy paste an ad from.

These are interesting times. .



2 responses to “Niko Na.

  • 3CB

    I just like the jingle. I’m not exactly a fan of safcom *insert the intonation of understatement* but it’s so catchy. I keep unconsciously singing ‘Niko na…’ and that was before I saw the ad on TV.

    Oddly enough, I quite like the Mwala ad. I can’t stop giggling at him jumping up and down to get into the camera shot.

    Still, for me, nothing will ever beat the Yu guy singing to his chicken, or the expression on the kid’s face when he runs out to his dad and realizes his kid bro ‘got there first’.

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