(First published online 27/8/10)

After all the anticipation, finally the Promulgation day was here. Uhuru Park was jam-packed with ecstatic Kenyans there to witness the re-birth of a nation courtesy of the Promulgation of Kenya’s new constitution.

The new constitution is a framework through which we have hopefully buried the old Kenya and can move bravely to a new Kenya that we have all dreamt off.

I have in my existence in this country being in other historical moments like this and I was skeptical but hopeful.  Hopeful that this finally is the beginning of a new Kenya, a Kenya that is a working and prosperous Nation and one that ethnicity and corruption are things of the past.

The event itself was a disappointment to me. Who plans these national events?! The sight of dignitaries standing in wait to be given seats was appalling. The seating arrangement appeared haphazard. The event was also stained by the attendance of Sudanese President Bashir who is an indicted war-criminal. How can we be moving to a new dispensation if we cannot honor the laws we already have? Kenya is signatory to the ICC treaty and thus is obligated by law to honor the arrest warrant issued on President Bashir. The over-hyped military march past complete with all the military toys was nothing to write home about. The Kenyan celebs backed by the First Lady choir were horrible save for Jua Kali’s act. The balloons were not filled with helium! I could go on and on but let me stop.

Jeez, clearly this was still the Kenya we all know. This awful planning proved to me that this new constitution is like birth of a baby. Yes, there is a lot of excitement but that paves way to the harsh realities of life: the baby has to be fed, clothed, washed etc. So as Kenyans we need to be ready to play our part in the long journey that our beloved country has started today.

Fellow Kenyans, do not ask what this new Katiba will do for you; ask what you as a Kenyan can do to aid the implementation of the new Katiba with the view of bettering this country economically, socially and in all facets.


PS: My highlight of the entire ceremony was the excellent performance by Eric Wainaina of his very profound song ‘Daima mi ni Mkenya’. This song really touched me and made me feel so PATRIOTIC! This got me thinking, with this being the dawn of a new Kenya, isn’t it time we considered having this song as our National Anthem?


PS: President Kibaki signed each of the 6 copies of the new constitution with a new pen.


PS: Kenya’s new constitution was PROMUGULATED on Friday 27th August 2010 at 10.26am.







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