War Child

I had had a long day on Saturday. My plan upon getting home was to unwinding to my very engrossing novel with conscious reggae music playing in the background.

Before I started my unwinding I logged onto twitter to check out what was going on in Twitterville and someone tweeted about Emmanuel Jal’s documentary that was airing on K24.

I tuned in and my long day, my reading and my music were all forgotten.

One and a half hours later these were my tweets regarding the documentary:

#nw Emmanuel Jal’s film on K24.

Wow! Just watched #WarChild. A documentary on #EmmanuelJal. That was deep!

Respect to #EmmanuelJal. You have come from far and you are doing great! Kudos. #WarChild

Kenya is not special. We should not take our peace&stabilty for guaranted. War is terrible. #WarChild

As South Sudan goes for its referendum in Jan, I pray for peace. #WarChild

Big up to K24 for airing #WarChild.

From production perspective, #WarChild is a brilliant production. It captured the story’s essence&conveyed it powerfully. Kudos to the crew.

From these tweets you can tell War Child touched me. Respect to Emmanuel Jal! Check out his foundation – Gua Africa.




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