Media Market

Lillian Kanene’s move from KTN to Citizen TV elicited quite a buzz in Kenya’s cyber world. A lot folk wondered what was happening in Kenya’s second oldest TV station (KTN) as quite a number of its reporters and anchors had jumped ship.

This got me thinking about Kenya’s media market which has grown tremendously at least in cash flow if not in talent in the last 15 years.

The questions I pondered on were:

1.      Who sets the price for airtime on Kenyan media?

2.      Who decides on the rating system used to judge media?

3.      Should Synovate (formerly Steadman) have a competitor in the media rating sector?

4.      Media owners, media practitioners (some) and Ad & PR agencies are all raking in billions in the current set up BUT who speaks for the common man and who checks on the ideals of good journalism?

The Fourth Estate is a key pillar in the society and these questions aim at stirring thought and starting a debate that I reckon needs to happen regarding media in Kenya.



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