Of Puesic, art and snobs

For starters, Puesic stands for poetry and music. I wonder why not Poesic but then what do I know :)?

I love the arts and in Nairobi the place that is synonymous with the creative scene is Alliance François. I needed to know what artsy gigs were to happen in December in Nairobi and that meant a visit to Alliance to pick up flyers and read the notice board.

It was here that I stumbled on the lovely Annette who I used to work with in my previous life. She was selling tickets for a gig, “Puesic with Ngwatilo” and she asked me to assist by being a doorman since they were a bit short staffed. It was totally random but I can never turn Annette down.

Before I started my doorman duties I walked through a photo exhibition by Giulio d’Ercole, an Italian photographer and film maker, ‘Life on Lake Turkana’ which featured pictures of communities who live around Lake Turkana. Awesome shots and the people looked so at peace. It made me curious about the El Molo so I googled them and now I know more.

Organising and running events is my forte and thus being a doorman was something I have done numerous times. The difference was this time I actually thought about the people getting into the auditorium and their reaction to me.

I might be wrong but I have been getting a feeling that art in Nairobi is currently a statement of arrival. A lot of folk going to art gigs are not there due to their love of the arts but rather so as to be seen and to say they were there.  It is not in my place to judge whether this snobbery is good or bad for the arts industry. As for their reaction to me the doorman, Kenyans are NOT friendly! My “welcome, enjoy the show” statements issued with a smile were met with cold stares and indifference. If how you treat strangers and the help says a lot about whom you are then my half an hour as a doorman taught me a lot about Nairobians.

I performed the doorman duties with Mel who is a life coach and we enjoyed laughs and good conversation about various issues.

As for the gig, please read my boy Murua and get the low down of what transpired.

My only thoughts were Puesic is quite unique and it is still very fresh. It will take a lot of getting used to BUT it’s an idea whose time has certainly come! Keep it up Ngwatilo.



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