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Yesterday as I was walking home at around 11pm I stumbled on a group of four guys who were maybe in their mid-twenties outside one of the numerous pubs in my hood. The guys were chatting either before entering the pub or deciding what pub to go to next. One of the guys was loudly reminiscing about his escapades the previous night. This is what I overheard:

“Wa! Wa! Wa! Jana nilimanga poko mwingine jo! Alikuwa yuko labda 15 hivi. Alikuwa msoft tu sana, msoft ka sponge!”


“Wow! Wow! Wow! Yesterday I had sex with this amazing commercial sex worker. She was maybe 15years old. She was so soft! Soft like sponge.”

As I kept walking I had several questions popping in my head: A 15year old commercial sex worker? This guy did not have a problem paying her for sex? How come this guy is so proud of his deed until he is bragging to his boys? Is it that common to have sex with underage commercial sex workers that none of his boys were shocked?

A couple of week’s back I was chatting with my pal about the craziness of the 14-24year old generation. A generation is in the throes of a sexual revolution that can make even the most liberal person blush. I debated on whether to write about it and I chickened out. After what I overheard yesterday I reckon this is a post worth writing.

According to my acquaintances in this generation, sexual activity as early as 12years old is very normal. Therefore by the time one gets to 20years old they are totally jaded. The natural progression is to then try what is unconventional as what is normal is boring.

This has lead to sexual experimenting on a grand scale. If you can think it, these guys have done it. Orgies at house parties, videos of sex acts, nude photos, bi-curiosity and all manner of crazy and kinky things. It has also lead to rampant drug abuse with drug use being made to look totally cool and the ‘in’ thing. I am not a prude but every time I go to a club these days I cringe. The girls are getting younger and younger, the dresses are getting shorter and shorter and the dancing is basically sex with clothes on.

Methinks there is a line in as far as morality is concerned and the 14-24year old generation have crossed it in a big way.

It may appear cool to do all these crazy sex acts and to use all manner of drugs but what happens when this generation gets to their late 20s? Will they look for the next high? I shudder to think what that will be. Or will we see an emergence of sex rehabs, drug rehabs or a growth in church attendance?

I listen to folk talk and read newspapers and I am surprised by what folk say. It is either they are totally clueless or they are hypocritically conservative or both. Kenya is certainly going through a sexual revolution but you have to be tuned in to know about it.

Since generations get progressively crazier, I shudder to think how our children will turn out. This knowledge certainly does make me scared of being a parent.

I am in no position to climb the moral high ground and preach as to what is right or wrong. The only thing I have to say is always remember that HIV/AIDs is real and whatever you do be sure that your conscience can live with it in the cold light of day.



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