Odds and Ends

There are several issues that have cropped up in Kenya in the past month that would each ordinarily require a full post but I reckon an odds and ends post will suffice.

Naivasha MP, John Mututho drafted and managed to get through Parliament, The Alcoholic Drinks Control Act 2010 which in my opinion is a ridiculous piece of legislation. I am a Kenyan man of legal age and I do not need the government to tell me when, where, why and how I should drink. This law needs to either be redrafted or better still completely withdrawn.

Tanzania with the sponsorship of East African Breweries Limited organized a great Confederation of East and Central Africa Football Associations (CECAFA) tournament. The icing on the cake was Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro Stars winning the cup. Kenya’s Harambee Stars lost all its matches and bowed out of the tournament in disgrace. Way forward for Kenyan football is a total infrastructural revamp initiated by the government. If FIFA bans us due to government interference then so be it. This humiliation has gone on for long enough!

Julian Assange is my hero. Through WikiLeaks he has managed to expose America as two-faced, patronising and insulting to other countries. WikiLeaks has also lead bare the truth about our political class. Thieves, arms traders, drug barons, murderers are all to be found in our political circles. During yesterday’s Jamhuri day celebrations both the President and the Prime Minister took turns blasting the American envoy to Kenya and shouting about Kenya’s sovereignty. Methinks this issue of neo-colonialism is a red-herring. Yes, Kenya is sovereign state BUT that does not make the WikiLeaks exposé on our political class any less true. The onus is Kenyans to radically change our political leadership. Are we up to the challenge? I’m not sure.



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