The Amani Room

Shortly Moreno Ocampo, the prosecutor for the ICC will be naming the six suspects who bear the greatest responsibilty for the Post Election violence.

I would like to you to take a minute and say a prayer for our beloved country. I also would like you to meditate on a room at Serena Hotel that 34 months ago played a key role in re-establishing peace .

This is what is written on the plaque that is on the door of The Amani Room.

For mercy has a human heart

pity a human face

And Love, the human form divine,

And Peace, the human dress.

William Blake.

In early 2008 the peace enjoyed by Kenya since independence was shattered by violence that erupted after the 2007 elections. It is in this room that mediation talks were held and that on 28th February 2008 the peace accord was signed which brought the crisis to an end. These talks were brokered by Koffi Annan, the 7th Secretary General of the United Nations to whom our beloved nation owes everlasting thanks.

A peace is of the nature of a conquest:

For then both parties nobly are subdued

And neither party loser.

William Shakespeare.



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