Mama Daktari Auditorium

Alliance Française is at the centre of artistic endeavour in Nairobi. Its auditorium has over the years played host to all manner of artistic gigs. A little know fact is that the name of the auditorium is Mama Daktari Auditorium.

A plaque at the entrance to the auditorium reads as follows:

“Dr. Anne Spoerry (Mama Daktari):

30 May 1918 – 2 February 1999.

Dr. Anne Spoerry a.k.a Mama Daktari, Africa’s first woman flying doctor was an outstanding figure of 20th century East Africa and Kenya in particular.

Born in Cannes on 30 May 1918, Dr. Spoerry was an active member of French resistance during World War 2. After qualifying as a doctor in 1947, she left Europe and arrived in Kenya in 1950 during the Mau Mau uprising, via Aden and Ethiopia. She settled in a farm in Subukia, serving the farming community as a medical doctor. In 1963, she learnt to fly and a year later in 1964 she joined AMFREF and Flying Doctor Service.

With unrelenting determination and dedication Mama Daktari at the helm of her renowned single engine aircraft, Cherokee Lance 5Y ZAT took healthcare and preventative medicine to remote places all over East Africa till her death in February 1999.

An extraordinary woman, her resilience, love and generosity touched the lives of thousands of people. ”

Now you know.



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