The Nerve!

I am ANGRY! As a Kenyan I have taken a lot of bullshit from our politicians over the years but what these politicians have been spewing in the last couple of days has to be the craziest and most insensitive nonsense they have ever uttered.

The gist of the nonsense is that Kenyans should contribute to a kitty to aid in the legal defence of: Ruto, Kosgey, arap Sang’, Muthaura, Uhuru and Ali collectively referred to as the ‘Gang of Six’ or better still Kenyans taxes should be used for the same reason. Have our politicians finally completely lost their minds?

For the record I have no pity for the ‘Gang of Six’. In case we have forgotten, these are men accused of the greatest responsibility in the post election violence that rocked Kenya and resulted in the death of 1,000+ people and the displacement of 600,000+ people.

How inconsiderate can these politicians be? How callous and self-serving can they be? How do you ask victims to contribute for the legal defence in a court case for those accused of masterminding their torture, death, arson and rape?

Let there be no doubt, the ICC case is Kenya and Kenyans v ‘The Gang of Six’ and it is my prayer that justice shall be done and impunity shall finally begin to be addressed!

Internally Displaced People (IDPs) have been living in tents and braving the extremities of nature for the last three years and these politicians have never done a fundraising to alleviate the situation. Then they have the nerve to raise funds for the suspected masterminds! Only in Kenya!

There has been a deliberate effort to lionise and turn into heroes the ‘Gang of Six’. I have heard politicians compare them to the Kapenguria Six and this is nonsense. The media too appears to have been roped in into this charade. I read the Sunday Nation and I wondered why the stories and profiles were only for the ‘Gang of Six’ and about the victims there was deafening silence. I wish to state that these men are NOT heroes and they should not be treated as heroes. These men are suspects in a case of crimes against humanity.

There has also been an effort to politicise and tribalise the ICC list. I will not dignify the nonsensical arguments with counter arguments.

My open advice to the ‘Gang of Six’ is keep quiet, ask your political friends to keep quiet and to go prepare legal defences to counter Ocampo and the ICC. If Ruto’s trip to the Hague when he left with bravado and returned looking like a haunted man is any indication of the magnitude of Ocampo’s evidence then you need the best legal brains and a clever strategy to deal with this issue.

As for the media, editors in newsrooms need to rethink their role in this country. How do you run such stories of blatant insensitivity and that are bound to unnecessarily raise temperatures in the country?

Fellow Kenyans, it is time we took control. The political class has clearly lost the plot. It is TIME we stood up, spoke up and acted to save ourselves and our country from the political class.

The nerve! Yes, I’m angry.

“Kila mtu atauchukua mzigo wake mwenyewe.

Kila mtu atatoa habari zake mwenyewe.

Siku hiyo itafika.”





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