Merry Christmas

For me Christmas 2010 has been a reflective time.

I took time to read the story that is the reason for the season and I learnt some things that I would like to share.

First, the story of the birth of Jesus features only in two of the four Gospels. In the Gospel of Mathew where the genealogy is focused on and in the Gospel of Luke where the context is established. Secondly, God ALWAYS fulfils His promises. It may take longer than we want or it may even take surprising forms but the constant theme is the fulfilment of God’s promises.

I also went to watch a musical on Christmas Eve – A Village Christmas – which was a Mavuno Church and Kijiji Records production. It was an AWESOME production. Brilliantly executed and the puns were top class!

My message for you this Christmas is – whatever you are doing do remember that Jesus IS the reason for the season.

If you do not celebrate Christmas – Happy Holidays!

For all who celebrate – Merry Christmas!



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