Not with my taxes!

It is becoming apparent that the government is hell bent to protect the Ocampo Gang of Six and horror of horrors, these men who are accused of  bearing greatest responsibility in the rape, arson and murder of Kenyans may still be in government after the 2012 general elections.

It is with shock that I read of the plan by the government to provide funds to the tune of Ksh 4.7 billion for the legal defence of the Ocampo Six. The Government Spokesman while denying the figure gave the game away when he said that the matter of providing funds is still under consideration.

In case we forget where we are coming from, Kenya has had election violence in 1992, 1997 and in 2007. If nothing is done to the perpetrators what is to stop the cycle continuing in 2012? There is also the matter of justice for the 1,000+ who died and 600,000+ who were displaced. That is the point of the ICC! I do not understand why and how the lives of 40 million Kenyans are put at risk to save 6 men. Perhaps President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila can shed light on this.

Kenya is on the throes of a biting drought which is incidentally a result of the government poor policies but many Kenyan ministers are engaged in shuttle diplomacy in a bid to convince African countries to support Kenya’s bid to pull out of the Rome statute in a bid to save the six men. The VP has been dispatched to South Africa, Uganda, Egypt and Malawi. Minister Mwakwere has been dispatched to Botswana, Lesotho and Zimbabwe. Minister Otieno was dispatched to Ghana and Nigeria while Minister Githae went to Djibouti. And yes, it is on our taxes!

Imagine if the government can go to such lengths to frustrate the ICC process, how much more compromised will the local tribunal that is been pushed for be?

With this kind of leadership it is certainly hard been proudly Kenyan. Paying for the legal fees of the Ocampo Gang of Six is callous, insensitive and utterly heartless.

The brotherhood of the political class is closing rank. When shall the brotherhood of the ordinary Kenyans close rank and say enough is enough and actually DO SOMETHING?

UPDATE: I wrote this post a week back and forgot to post it 😦 . There has been an online initiative started which I reckon is a first step towards reclaiming ownership of Kenya by Kenyans away from the political class that have totally lost it.



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