Unnecessary Noise

DISCLAIMER: This post should NOT be used to attack a community or vernacular music. NOT all vernacular music is bad. NOT all members of any given community are chauvinistic and archaic in their thinking.  Any comments that are even remotely inflammatory will be deleted. Kenya is bigger than all of us!

I listen to Kikuyu music, both secular and gospel. A lot of Kikuyu music is very informative and the beat is quite catchy.

Current song I am jamming to is Agiginyani by Shiru wa GP. An awesome keep-your-head-up gospel song.

My attention has been drawn to an emerging genre of Kikuyu music  that is inflammatory, provocative and in very bad taste. In a country that is yet to heal after the post-election violence, these songs are a harbinger of bad tidings.

I shall not sit back and watch my country burn. This post is blowing the whistle. I do not know the extent of the fire that these songs have caused. What I know is the Demathew, Kamande and Muigai are some of the most popular Kikuyu musicians with mega sales of their VCDs. Thus I shudder to imagine the number of households that are playing these songs.

For the many who cannot hear Kikuyu, I have translated snippets of the songs and in Demathew’s case explained the nuances as he sings in parables. You can ask your Kikuyu friends to translate further.

Uhuru ni Witu (Uhuru is Ours) – Kamande wa Kioi

Translated snippets:

Greetings people of the house of Gikuyu and Mumbi. I bring you a message from all Kikuyu musicians. This is a message from God. Uhuru is the Moses of the Kikuyu nation. He is meant to move Kikuyus from Egypt to Canaan. Do not agree to be divided. Let all votes go to him. He is ours. He is anointed by God, poured oil on.

Raila, there is a call. Go to Mama Ngina’s house, a king has been born there. Once there ask where Uhuru is seated and pour oil on him. Just like Samuel did for David in the Bible. Stop chasing the wind Agwambo, go to Icaweri and anoint Uhuru.

You thump your chest about Hague, is Hague your mother’s? There is a curse from God. Philistines who do not circumcise cannot lead Israel. When Abraham stressed God, he was told to go get cut, even you General of Migingo, your knife is being sharpened.

Listen to the entire song  here.

Hague Bound – Muigai Wa Njoroge and Muhiko

Translated snippets:

Question: If it was you who is being pushed to The Hague what would you do?

Answer: I would call my family and divide up my property and then ask my mother to pray for me.

Question: What if you knew that Hague you are being pushed there by an uncircumcised man who wants to push you there and take over your wife and all your wealth? A man who can do anything to ensure you are in problems.

Answer: There it is better to die. Things for a man are not governed by an uncircumcised man. I would kill him. Its better they increase my charges.

Question: What would you tell your crying supporters as you are being shipped to Hague?

Answer: I would tell them to pray for me and know I am being persecuted for my love of my community.

Question: When you get to Hague how you would ensure the white man does not cheat you?

Answer: I would ask for proceedings to be done in Kikuyu.

Question: When on the dock what would you be thinking of the uncircumcised man who is the source of your predicament?

Answer: I would ask God to forgive him. I would also ask that he gets circumcised so that he matures mentally. I would also ask Kenyans to be very wary of that man.

Listen to entire song here.

Mwaka wa hiti (The year of the hyena) – Demathew

Translated and explained snippets:

As Demathew I prophesize and let the stones hear me if men wont.

It is now the year of the hyena. Who will teach you and your ears are blocked?

When a man is seated he sees further than a boy on top of a tree.

You are like a greedy hyena seeing a man walk and following him hoping that his arm will drop off. You follow him till he boards the train and the arm does not drop and you never eat. (A reference to all that may benefit from ICC)

Before Jesus was crucified He stood in the court Judge Pilato and he answered all questions, Judge Pilato said Jesus is free but the crowd asked that a thief be freed instead. (ICC will show Uhuru’s innocence)

Where are you (Peter Kenneth) from? If you were one of us, you would be pained by the people burnt in Kiambaa church. My brother lost his property in Kisumu, how can you tell us he (Raila) is our community’s friend.

Father (Jomo Kenyatta) I feel sad when I see your son (Uhuru) being persecuted by men of ill-will and a woman (Martha Karua) is carrying their bags.

In-law (Kalonzo) things are not going well for you now. You are clueless and your matters are now being discussed by women in the market. But I still remember how you saved me (after 2007 elections) when leopards had attacked me.

Listen to the entire song here.

After listening to these three songs I shuddered. If the leading lights of Kikuyu music are doing this, then how much more prevalent is it? Are other communities also producing such inciteful vernacular songs? This is a ticking time bomb right under our noses!

Let us think of how to put out this fire before it is too late!





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  • Odhiambo

    Wah! Wah! Wah! Sisemi kitu mie. Ahsante kwa ufafanuzi huu. Umenipa jukumu la kusikiza nyimbo za ‘kikwetu’ ili pia niweze kuyaweka wazi upumbavu huu unaolenga kutugawanya kama wakenya.

  • gitts

    it would be prudent to post the original Kikuyu but it is sad that this is going on

  • Anonymous

    I know there are others like this from other communities but the bottom line is that we need to be united as Kenyans to discourage this.

  • Njuguna Ngugi

    Unfortunately this is not limited to the musicians alone; vernacular radio stations perpetuate the same.

    I shudder to think that this is happening in most, if not all vernacular radio stations, with every tribe having its own version.

    The problem is basically the unholy alliance between the presidency and tribe. Until we get over the idea that a presidency benefits a whole tribe….

    We will forever enumerate problems, but without offering solutions we are not any better than those tribal chauvinists.

    I’m doing my bit, I hope everyone does his/hers.


    Very shameless!!! Extremely uncouth!!! This kind of song{whether Kikuyu or any other tribe} should be condemned by all and sundry, especially the patriotic and right-thinking peace-loving Kenyans! Without agwambo there NEVER would have been a new constitution for Kenya! We cannot go back to Egypt where our kindred were dehumanized in the Nyayo torture chambers and “Sigwad kama Unga” by Kenyatta again! We must all coalesce and congregate on the right side of History. God is with us!!! Amen!!!

  • Half Jadhe Half Kyuk (@Halfjadhe)

    Us Kikuyus need to see deeper than tribes for real. I hear strangers speaking vernacular to me and I wonder what it would feel like if i was Turkana or something. Why do we all agree to stoop this low? Like seriously??

  • Fredrick Ombako

    I have to copy this on my facebook wall, for real. Let people know.

  • Chrenyan


    I am shocked and saddened. To me it sounds as if the drums of war are already beating.

    Hats off for posting this.

    (1) Would urge everyone to spread this word far and wide.
    (2) If other tribes are sending similar smoke signals, please, let’s know about it.
    (3) Who has Mzalendo Kibunjia’s contacts?

  • lutivs

    stepping out of my denial.

  • shadrack

    Please Kenyans, let us shun away from such hateful ill-emotion provoking stuff. They are too costly for us as a country. Kenya is greater than each of us.

  • valviolabrucey

    Ha! Trust me if songs like these were put out by members of other communities, they’d find themselves in court faster than they could say Jack Robin.
    Mwananchi versus Mwenyenchi.

  • kimzi7

    Appalling. Just simply appalling.
    Nobody’s doing anything about this? (Don’t worry I can answer that)
    What would make them sing such songs?
    This can only get ugly…and that’s the chilling truth.

  • Moses

    I am kikuyu and have not even heard the songs. To be honest, i think the first two are plain nonsense and do not represent the views of any ‘community’ if i may use the word. In my opinion they should be burned just like any other insightful songs from any other language

  • Francis

    Ive heard about those songs but I’ve never taken time to listen to them. I’m Kikuyu……and right now I’m ashamed if being one if this are the kind of songs that our so called musicians are singing.

  • Michel Libamira

    Wah, this is really sad. right under our nose and we can’t notice a thing. thanks 4the enlightment

  • Anonymous

    “persecuted by men of ill-will and a woman (Martha Karua) is carrying their bags.”

    actually this means and a woman is carrying VINEGAR (putting it like the way Jesus was cricified)

  • thelocalwatchman

    Its very saddening that revenge still exits in our peoples mind….am so sad

  • Mwambingu

    This is an eye opener… I’m now on a mission to listen to songs in my vernacular, in case they carry such absurdity…

  • Jack

    thank you guys for the good work you are doing.

  • Joseph

    Hi Moderate Kenyan,

    Many thanks for flagging this. As a Kenyan of Kikuyu origin, I believe this kind of vitriol in music should not be entertained. It is tragic that musicians, who enjoy wide audience, now want to use their talent to sow animosity when the ordinary Kenyan wants peace.
    Some attacks on Raila would be laughable were it not for the fact that the whole message is about incitement e.g. while people are progressing to discussion issues of development, why is the point on circumcision important? Since when did leadership hinge on removal of foreskin. Quoting the Old Testament and conveniently ignoring the message that Jesus Christ subsequently preached about love for your neighbor being the greatest commandment amounts to selective quotation of bible with the intention of giving a message of hatred some semblance of biblical grounding. It is sad that some people may swallow this hogwash.
    I personally underwent circumcision but my lesson from it was that I am now an adult and will be held responsible for my actions. Perhaps the musician should revisit the history of Agikuyu and understand that the world has changed so much.
    We are in a country that has so many people. Can’t he sing about the traditions that take us forward? Or better still attack Raila or any other political candidate based on the policies that he/she pursues as opposed to attacking his persona? It will be interesting to see if legal action will be taken against the people who are responsible for this.
    I doubt the feeble government machinery will take action hence while I call upon Kenyans from all the tribes that constitute this nation to let authorities know when this kind of music is made, regardless of language, we should be the ones to individually and collectively say NO.
    I know there are many more Kenyans who are for peace. We can reject this kind of malady and create at atmosphere of peace for our generations and generations to come.

  • kenyan Patriot

    If Kibunjia n company can not stop such incitement then they have no business chewing our taxes!

  • MMK

    This country has no hope. We never learn. Kibunja needs to know about this.

  • Mathomos

    This is very true and to say the truth am hating my own huse because they are almost dividing us. As you said,something need be done and very fast else…

  • Kelvin Mutai

    the worst part is that the majority of people who listen to these songs on a daily basis are the less educated, so such influences are what mould their thinking process. There should be a legal way for that to be labelled as hate speech and the sources of those words be held accountable. For if we disallow our our politicians to insight hateful and counterproductive thoughts through their words, yet we have no restrictions on musicians, who also command a lot of attention by virtue of their musical trade, then we are taking two steps forward and one step backwards. We need a solution for that. I appreciate moderatekenyan for blowing this whistle but we should all be thinking about a proper solution to this because it is not a small issue considering we are headed for our usually volatile election period.

  • Mak'Omondi

    Vernacular radio stations were accused of fanning violence in 2007, now they have adopted yet another media. It’s sad to see and read this and would be unfortunate if we have it happening among musicians from other communities. It’s time we all followed this example and expose them all. Big up on this. The nation is bigger than an ethnic community

  • francis menya

    we are seeing the result of a campaign by a leading presidential galvanising Kenyans against Kikuyus since 2005.Do you remember 41 tribes vs 1?.Do you remember the term MT.KBNYA MAFIA? .It all went unnoticed till PEV and now this is the result.

  • Anonymous

    Too sad, cant believe what i am hearing

  • Joseph Mathenge

    This is just opening the healing wounds further!!!!! This is just propaganda!

  • Philip

    I know that one Mzalendo Kibunja is well placed to explain to Kenyans why he is earning his salary. He was a fraud from the word go.

  • Kikuyu woman

    Civic education should be concentrated in areas that produce this silly music. Who are they to show adoration and almost worshiping an individual instead of calling for the right leadership. This is “primitive”.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my word. This is so disheartening….

  • Anonymous

    They are on point, wat was done can’t be undone, u don make 4rnds with sm1 who killd ur household

  • Kirima

    God wil make a way where theaz no way

  • Kenyan

    I pray to God that there will come a time where Kenya will just have Kenyans PERIOD!! NOT Kikuyus, Luos, Luhyas, Merus, Maasais, Kambas, Taitas etc… We need to move away from tribalism that divides us and concentrate on just being Kenyan, a term that can UNITE us all!

  • anonymus

    cam-on guys!i don c anything bad with them supportin their guy…let stp exagerating.

  • Anonymous

    we need to pray for our country these guys are suppose to be prosecuted.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad we are not learning a thing from our past mistakes. N 4 some of us 2 think they ‘individually’ own us-Kenya n it is soooooooo disappointing that the same musicians that we look up to are the ones setting our nation ablaze!

  • One nation kenyan.

    I don’t believe in being PC. The fact is, I don’t see a whole lot of this coming from other communities. We should not pretend for example that the blacks were just as racist as the whites in aparthied south africa in the name of being even handed when it is common sense that that simply was not the case. We have to face uncomfortable truths honestly and ask our brothers and sisters in the relevant communities to stop this. t doesn’t have to be done in a way that victimizes or lays any group open to attack or ridicule but we don’t achieve anything by pretending it’s the norm everywhere while it clear is not.

    • Proudly Kenyan

      I don’t believe in being PC. The fact is, I don’t see a whole lot of this coming from other communities. We should not pretend for example that the blacks were just as racist as the whites in aparthied south africa in the name of being even handed when it is common sense that that simply was not the case. We have to face uncomfortable truths honestly and ask our brothers and sisters in the relevant communities to stop this. t doesn’t have to be done in a way that victimizes or lays any group open to attack or ridicule but we don’t achieve anything by pretending it’s the norm everywhere while it clear is not

      Dear One Nation Kenya,
      Mine is not a call for political correctness but one of wisdom. Whether or not blacks in apartheid South Africa were less racist that white South Africans is irrelevant to the question of racism. Racism is racism irrespective of the perpetrator and has to be stamped out from both sides.

      In the same way, tribalism is tribalism irrespective of who is being tribalist and irrespective of the perceived level of their tribalism. You claim you don’t see a whole lot of this coming from other communities. The point is you do see some of it coming from other communities and that should be highlighted before it becomes just as prevalent in these other communities…a stitch in time saves nine.

      My issue with the approach of this article is, as evidenced by the comments, it has unfortunately lain victim the Kikuyu community and for what purpose? Tribalism is not a by product of vernacular but rather of our own attitudes and views which is why there is plenty of it in English and Swahili as well. You say we need to face some uncomfortable truths….here’s one…ALL communities in Kenya have an element of tribal chauvinism in them and being selective in which community is criticized does nothing but fan the tribal flames. Let us address the real issues of this and as far as is humanly possible, root out tribalism from all angles irrespective of whether it is perceived to be ‘comparatively less than another community’.

      • moderatekenyan


        Very strong feelings expressed. Please re-read my disclaimer and my ending. I have no interest in the cruxification of any community. I am interested in peace in Kenya. My post then is as a result of that interest.

  • Odhiambo

    I am terrebly shocked at the information shared. I believe this is not the feeling of the majority of Kikuyus. Too bad

  • kiariiswitch

    Reblogged this on iWIDEkimani and commented:
    Natukae na UNDUGU,AMANI na UHURU (pun unintended)

  • man njoro

    i cant believe this is happening right under our noses…where is mzalendo afanye kazi yake!am a kikuyu and am saddened that these talented musicians are being used by the kikuyu elite to spread such hateful and inciteful messages….i call upon all progressive kikuyus to to boycott the above named musicians products!!

  • Great Kenyan

    Problem is, these kikuyu musicians(amongst others of different tribes) never went beyond class 8 although they may be gifted in music. How, then, do you expect them to steer any sensible national discourse devoid of chauvinistic rantings?. Their world begins and ends with their tribe and concepts of nationality and patriotism are alien to them.

  • Anonymous

    Shocking and embarrassing to me as a Kuke. What can we all do?
    (1) Send in complaints to the NCIC – done.
    (2) Share this on social media so more are aware.
    (3) If there are more examples, maybe in other languages, share them including translations.

    Regards everyone.

  • Roseline


  • Anonymous

    This is sick

  • kelvin

    I agree that tribalism is still rampant in our country but there also the need for a fair review on the issue because it seems Kikuyu is always on the spot and yet they are also the major victims when there is violence.So we should strive at addressing the real issues rather than attacking some tribes just because of politics.
    It should also be noted that Kikuyu is not a political figure but a tribe with people enshrined in its culture(traditions,customs and values)

  • Anonymous

    oh noo

  • rnyy

    Good song to those who have pride in themeselves.For the homeguards yopu can continue barking!!!!

  • TheGatunduPrince

    I am a Kikuyu and I have always loved to be one and that will not change. However this type of media should not be allowed and I will say it again, Kibunja is not the right guy to save this country. I said it here first (http://wp.me/p2cuq5-n) on March 14. Another major issue is that we swept our houses and kept the rubbish under our carpets. Someone tell our leaders, Kenya is crying. It has been crying for a long time since no one has embarked on the healing process. NCIC should have been spearheading this but they are busy presenting reports with colorful graphs and fonts.

    The gatundu prince

  • wambuamwikali@yahoo.com

    This does not surprise me at all. I believe this tribal chauvinism has been going on well before the last election and it is what led to the aggravated mood of those elections. It is what is leading parts of this whole known as Kenya to call for secession, for it is clear that we can no longer tolerate each other. If not checked, the final fruit it will bear is the end of the entity called Kenya as we know it. What is even more worrying is that relatively young people are involved in this tribal chauvinism so it is a fallacy to believe that the youth will make less tribal (read better) leaders. While everything happens for a reason, the reason for this diatribe eludes me completely. Prayer is good but not nearly enough, all Kenyans who love Kenya must stand up now and be counted. They must say no to these cabal of tribalists even if it means being ostracised by their own ‘community’. Kenyans must think very critically and realize that the tribe has never really done anything for them. They must realize that for now the tribe is the lowest common denominator and once there is no more a state called Kenya and people are living within their tribal cocoons (because that is where we are headed) the lowest common denominator will become the sub tribe,the clan, the family and eventually the individual. This thing does not end until it consumes everything. I live in Rwanda, and there are clear lessons to be learnt here. Even 20 years after the genocide, you barely need to scratch the surface for its ugliness to become apparent. This thing does not end. Watch out Kenyans.

  • Munene Gangi

    Sad, very very sad. Such kind of music is totally unacceptable.

  • Rachel

    Just when some of us though that it’s time to forgive each other and ourselves for the mistakes that we all, actively in one way or another made, keep the memories of the stench of burning flesh to ensure that the bloodshed and a lifetime of trauma never again mingles within us and rebuild what was destroyed, this is happening? The healing process is going to be long and it just started.Such hiccups hijacking the process should be drowned before they surface any further.The people not only need to be educated about cultivating and nurturing a new healthy and peaceful relationship with their fellow countrymen regardless of their tribe tag but also what to avoid from small minds who prefer a narrow and shallow way of making it in life at the expense of their neighbors.Kenya is too big a nation for such propaganda to be allowed a platform

  • Proudly Kenyan

    DISCLAIMER: This post should NOT be used to attack a community or vernacular music. NOT all vernacular music is bad. NOT all members of any given community are chauvinistic and archaic in their thinking. Any comments that are even remotely inflammatory will be deleted. Kenya is bigger than all of us

    Dear Moderate Kenyan,
    Your post does exactly what your disclaimer is asking your readers not to do…it ‘attacks’ one community to the exclusion of others. A blog that is genuinely intended to be about exposing chauvinistic archaic thinking would have included snippets from other communities as well. Tribalism and chauvinism is wrong irrespective of which community is perpetrating it. Sadly your very important and relevant message of peace, nationalism and an end to archaic, tribal thinking is lost by your decision not to publish a genuinely a moderate and objective blog.

    Proud to be Kenyan

    • moderatekenyan

      Proudly Kenyan,

      I may not understand other languages which is why I asked all to be vigilant and expose what can cause conflict in Kenya.

      My bottom line is Kenya is bigger.

  • Anonymous

    Sad indeed God bless n help kenya.
    … and to moderate kenya ,lets know wats happening in other communities .
    Unearth it all.

  • Njeri

    I’m kikuyu but don’t subscribe to this kind of nonsense. These songs should be banned and the artists charged for hate speech. The translation above is correct. So sad

  • Mkenya J

    My dad is kyuk and mum kale..I have scars on my head and feet,I did my exams in a hospital bed………just because of the so called tribalism!!I am ashamed of being associated with Mt Kenya region……….shame on the few that take advantage of school drop outs….because as for me and other learned Mt.Kenyans will not fall into this “hooliganism” of the highest order.Kibunja……….prove us wrong now.

  • ritah kammy

    I feel so bad when I remember that I could afford a modest lifestyle before the PEV whereby food prices were quite affordable. I now cannot afford even the basics. This is all because of the PEV and its effects. It really pains me to see anybody trying to make things worse than they already are!! Kwani when will some people ever learn????

  • Jose

    Everyone is entitled to their Opinion. Its up to us to decide whether to addopt their opinion or not. I believe the musicians are within their right to express themselves.

    Its calling it as it is, the truth hurts.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously!!!!!!!! Only scumbugs do such things and highly doubt there is anything like this! I will buy these CDs and do translation. Can’t people be brighter?

  • godfrey

    Why are people always also interested in what kikuyus are doing. Other communities also have there own dirty linen but there people are obedient and do not wash there dirty linen in public.Perhaps the love money is what they guy who translated this song was after. Mbecha will be the cause the downfall of Kikuyus.

  • anwar

    I know this has been going on,so am not surprised.My worry is all musicians use the name of God and holy book in vain. Let people respect God,this is the saddest part for me.God must be respected,you cannot insult somebody while quoting from the bible,this is not allowed

  • Anonymous

    Its not good at all. also posting this and translating to english did not do any good. you are spreading the same bad message to more people. this is not good for our country. this message need to be taken to the relevant goverment bodies like kibunjas. i never new about the songs but now i fill bad that i know about them. what about people from other tribes? you are igniting more fire by posting such information to public.

  • Fearless Nazirite

    i read this post in shock… i am a kyuk lakini i have zero support for this level of nonesense. kenya is bigger than a few individuals or communities.

  • Jack

    The only problem I have is some clown chewing my tax in the name of National Cohesion and Integration. This is extreme hatred being sang into the ears of illiterates and semiliterates every day and Kibunjia continues collecting a fat paycheck! I am aghast. Beyond disappointed.

  • Kahari sm (@Musymo)

    #kamandewakioi should be held responsible for the production and spread of hate speech… period

  • Anonymous

    I am a Kikuyu and i listen to these songs and i can tell you the translation is misleading, totally misleading.

  • Wambui

    These three should also be charged at the Hague for hate speech. The nerve!!!

  • Anonymous

    People should learn from past mistakes tribalism has cost so much to our fellow Kenyans why don’t this musician address real issues on politics instead of going tribal and using abusive language through their music/venacular this is madness.

  • Elijah

    You guys promised to delete all negative comments.Most ofthe comments in here are all attacking the Kikuyu and so I hope my comment will too be exempted.
    Those of you criticizing these songs should just realize how tribal you are.I have listened to them and all in it is a message.Who said campaign is bad?(if that is what you fear they are doing?)
    Why do some communities behave as if they are The REAL FAIR,INTELLIGENT AND CIVILISED to shun all negative ethnicity which is solely directed to kikuyus? or else Gema AND yet All this dwell and is what drives them to attack the KiKuYu?

    I long for that day Luos will say we shall not go with Raila just coz he is a luo and then They will ask Kikuyu to stop supporting Uhuru just coz he is a Kikuyu.
    Its so shamefull for a leader who thnks he criticizes Tribal leadership yet he is the hyena going back to it soon after that…Am sure you know Raila preaches against tribalistic leadership <<.

    If I ever get ashamed of my origin,then i will let the writter to call me
    Chavaunistic and arcaic but as long as I am sober or you thnk otherwise, I shall neva accept this artical neither what you call them or us.Think again.

  • Anonymous

    Your Kikuyu interpretation is pathetic and quite off the mark. You have misrepresented issues, kindly listen to the songs again and read your interpretation and you will realise how you are misguiding those who do not speak kikuyu.

  • Gerald Langiri

    I once had an argument with a friend of mine because i simply said..We should not be allowed to produce and market Vernacular songs/movie/programs be it gospel or not!!!! I once got into a matatu heading to Banana and the driver had Kameme Fm playing. There was a funny show going on from the laughs that were coming from the few people who understood the jokes. I politely asked the driver to change the station to one where we could all understand. Be it in english or swahili(our national languages). It was 7pm and the news was being read in Kiuk..mark you, this is a PSV. I ended up getting responses like “aii,kwani wewe ni kabila gani hauelewi kikuyu.Kikuyu ni national language boss”. Now i have no problem with peoples dialects/culture/heritage so long as it is in the comfort of your house and village and ends there….once you get into a town or public area, you forget your tribe and think Kenyan. Vernacular Music is not for the public..same goes for the Luhya nites, ramogi nights etc that take place in Carnivore. That should stop if we are looking to stop tribal ethnicity clashes.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I read this and I was stunned. Thank you so much for sharing it. We want something different, and we need to be different, which is why I recommend that you send the blog post with the lyrics here: http://www.cohesion.or.ke/

    We have to do something.

  • anom

    Who ever created this Blog and posting it to the internet had the malice and why only this particular one you could have done a collection from others at least to bring sanity to your argument.otherwise you are the first victim of spreading hatred and now looking for avenues to spread it.

  • Mbata Nic

    So here we go, claiming to be kenyan. If we can sharpen our interests and concentration towards such people, then we r doomed. But we live in Kenya where people who have got great impact upon the masses, are the ones landing us in troubles. How sensible are these clowns to think that whatever they deliver through singing belongs to them and their community? Kenyan iz bigger than kikuyu community only and again stop painting and tainting the kikuyu’s in an ill’ mannered way. Shame on them, who propagates hate speech and tribalism!!!

  • Nicholas kariuki

    so the songs are in parables and u have became an interpreter?raila is never mention

  • Matina

    Hopless article writen by Martha kirui

  • Wamubu

    These are the guys that give kikuyu’s a bad name..!!! Its sad and annoying to know that most kikuyu people really enjoy this bullshit songs. We live a society that embraces tribalism and alot of ignorance. How i wish we’d wake up on day and just be glad to be Kenyan. Coz on that day we wont allow bullshit singers like this to hit the air waves anymore.
    Sorry for my language…just passionately angry right now

  • sam

    The real tragedy is that not a single person has been prosecuted for the 2007 mayhem. The songs are actually very smartly written, despite being full of vitriol, and unfortunately this is what happens when freedom of speech is practiced.
    The unfortunate thing is that no politician has owned up to being responsible for the mess they caused leading up to the 2007 clashes. In as much I have trouble saying this, Ruto, UK, and others, no matter what their involvement was before and after the clashes, they are convenient scapegoats. I don’t know what Raila and his ODM team were thinking allowing hate to be spewed during the elections and hoping that nothing happens.
    I am sorry to say that the wounds have not healed, they have just been temporarily covered. Most Kikuyus won’t admit it, but I know a good number of them think Uhuru is innocent, and he was just acting to protect members of his community because the government of the day could not protect them.
    These songs have just brought to the fore what a good number of Kikuyus are thinking. I am sorry to say this but, until all politicians involved in 2007 chaos own up to the mess instead of trying to score points out of their opponents misery, Kenya will never heal.
    Deep down hearts are still hurt, and I just think the situation will be worse if the Ocampo 4 are found guilty and jailed. Am sure Luos still feel cheated that RAO is not president, Kalenjins are now pissed because they feel RAO/ODM played them, Kikuyus feel UK is innocent.
    Personally I don’t understand how UK and Ruto can be in a partnership when Kikuyus and Kalenjins have never forgiven each other. That’s why I don’t care if Ruto and UK are imprisoned because I just think most politicians are just looking out for their own interests.

  • Wambui Lamu (@Mama_Tboy)

    A cold shiver has run through my spine. Please let’s pray for our country that we may be delivered from any evil that is being planned for us.

  • Anonymous

    Rwanda Genocide right there only we are 41+ tribes.

  • Let the defections from ODM begin. - Page 8 - Mashada Forums

    […] has said, they, the cut, have seen further than you, the uncut, (dismiss this and perish) Here is Unncesary Noise, a harbinger of the deadly hatred that has started and is coming. @teejay I cant belive its […]

  • Chiahanam Saruni

    Moderate Kenyan I salute you as a champion of the fight against negative ethnicity. I have my hand up as one willing to stand with you in this endeavour.
    Forward this to CCK. That is one sure way that heads will roll.
    Music is food for the soul, but if the soul is fed on the wrong diet, then we’re courting disaster, and losing even a single life on the grounds of divisive ideologies is one life too many.
    Such occurences promote fear in us, yet let us in the spirit of camaraderie rise above the fear and jealously protect our unity, dms at the end of the day we are all we have. God be with Kenya.

  • georggie

    no comment, i fail to understand where we are heading to

  • wahu

    the songs dont mention those names as they av been put on this blog n the translator shud av put the exact kyuk words and stop misleading others.

  • disgusted

    you yourself are helping to spread the fire by highlighting it here. It is possible you yourself are part of this evil plan. If you were truly moderate and truly caring of Kenya you would have first investigated further to find out who is really behind this outrage. You would have thought hard before you wrote. Is ethnic conflict really in the interest of ANY Kenyan politician? Of course not. Uhuru in fact NO Kikuyu politican is behind this dirty trick. It is foreigners who seek to divide Kenyans and destablize the country in order to use the conflict for reconolization. WAKE UP!! dumb ass! I dare you to publish this but doubt you will. Go ahead..censor this message and make my day!!

    • moderatekenyan


      I am a writer. I do not have investigative capacity to know who is behind these songs. I am like a mirror. Just show you what is happening in the country. Your insults are uncalled for.

  • Savatia Victor

    where true nationalists from the Mt.!thus the time to stand up against such idiocy..

  • Mboga david

    Shameful, not again. We wont allow this happen

  • kevin

    stupid musicians.

  • Lynn

    Lets pray for Kenya. We would not want to be like Somalia, Congo and other countries fighting amongst themselves.

  • peter asiyo


  • Kikuyu Music: Hate Speech Complaint by Wawira Njiru - Mashada Forums

    […] by each of the musicians respectively. An interpretation of these Unnecessary Noise Moderate Kenyan. By all means, i fail to see how this is in line with discouraging ethnicity and discrimination and […]

  • macaria

    I feel that there is nothing wrong with the songs.. Your interpretation is perverted….that is the only wrong thing( your preconceived interpretation). According to genres of oral poetry, this is a political class of songs. the political analysts are saying the same. Why ignore the Musicians?

    • moderatekenyan


      As you said, MY interpretation. Which is why I put the links to the songs there for you to listen and make up your mind. As for the politicians also saying the same, that does not make it right.

  • lmbayi Bukiah

    the gvt shd act first to curb this we want a peaceful kenya

  • Kikuyu Music: Hate Speech Complaint by Wawira Njiru - Mashada Forums

    […] by each of the musicians respectively. An interpretation of these unnecessary noise moderate kenyan. By all means, i fail to see how this is in line with discouraging ethnicity and discrimination […]

  • Maish

    Sad and shocking!! Who said one has to be circumcised be fit for leadership?? The two have absolutely nothing to do with leadership if you ask me. Circumcision may be a right of passage but it does not make one a good leader nor is invoking a God or god. Reason and the ability to think on our own is what will make our nation prosperous not ridiculous beliefs……..

  • Emmanuel Tsuke

    being a peace loving kenyan,i am deeply disturbed by their thinking.kenya is healing and at this time of sensitive moments,such thoughts are uncalled for.let the wheel of justice spin and may God and my fellow patriotic kenyans forgive them

  • SirPaulis Principal


  • Patrick kariuki

    This is Absolute tribalism, ethnic hatred, inflamatory and ill motivated incitement. Whoever sanctions the composition in music and approves its context,alongside the producer and eventual airing of it must be held responsible for political crimes that lead to ethnic violence.
    Kenyans please, lets preach peace not hatred! Let us sing peace not hatred !

  • Loi

    Listening to the news, looks like this post did alot of good, and the sounds are ‘being investigated’… Thanks, Mkenya mzito!

  • John Agok

    It does’nt help at all that a few unexposed individuals are let loose to flagrantly display their primitivity when we have a state institution in place with all the instruments to deal with such. Mzalendo Kibunja is abetting the crime. Let us prepare for the worst.

  • Anita makinon

    Demathew’s song was produced even b4 the hague proceedings started!the translation z jst bt full of crap!

  • Kenyan

    Y do this unpopular artists think that with circumcision one auto-matures? for heavens sake we think with our brains not manhood..b mature u bad for something noisemakers…

  • Mac Muga

    Africans will always be Africans? its pity 2012 and hatred is thriving in Africa? Whoever becomes a president he should lead the country not a certain community!! just asking why all the rich dudes wanna run the country? lets vote for Wafoli Bifwoli angalao he can buy some nice Gucii suits and taste some fine Italian/ French cuisine the guy is tired of mrenda na ukali pwana?

  • Njoroge

    The song are fine to me they are just moaning those killed and those who are persecuted by moreno.Urihitwo ni ojinga mbeca cigana?.uhuru will be our next president mpende msipende.

    • moderatekenyan


      It is you democratic right to vote for Uhuru. But rememember you only have one vote. Mpende msipende is an outdated way of thought. As for being bough or paid, no own can afford my intergrity.

  • bilhah

    yeah am kyuk but this is grooooooooooooooosssss!!! eish where r we headed?

  • Killing two birds « inhisperspective

    […] bad thing I don’t understand kikuyu, I would have dismembered you word by word* More on that Here Kenya is bigger than all of us. On that note let me use birds to kill aliens *Angry […]

  • Need for Speech

    finally some action is being taken on them.. Big up mate Kenya owes u!

  • Brian dooso

    When it gets this far then certainly 2013 will be worse than 2007.I pray for Kenya not to burn.

  • Kenyan

    From what I see, the writters of these songs are evidently talented. But why would you put such a gift to waste? We should aim at uniting, not dividing. It saddens me. But I put my faith in God that He is watching over us and it will be well.


    This is crazy, may God have mercy on Kenya as a Nation. I thought we have learnt from our mistakes but it seems some of us have not. I know these are just few Kenyans who are bent on destroying this nation but they will not succeed in Jesus Name. My prayers are that one day there will be only one Kenya, no Kikuyu, kamba, luo, luyia, kalenjin etc we will just be Kenyans. May God help this Nation.

  • Elijah

    Kenya is bigger than all of us “there comes a time” when all of us must stand up to defend this our beloved country and resist all temptations to burn it again.

  • kibbs

    my dear blogger that was quite something. but it is worth noting that for any literature, there is the premaficie meaning and the inner meaning that require a critical analysis of the wording, the message, the audience and the intent of the artist. if we follow ur route we will be doing a lot of deservice to our celebrated artist. what was in ”Ngahika ndenda” play by ngugi wa thiongo, and also ”Mbathi ya mihang’o”. any way Kudos but be objective.

    • moderatekenyan


      I agree that art is subjective. As a creative I abhor any form of censorship. I really fought with myself before penning this post. In the end I felt it needed to be said. Thank you for reading.

  • Vines Shuga

    i just pray that GOD gives Kenya aleader who will bring all the tribes together again.Its abig shame for abig nation to live under tribal lines and more so facilitated by ethnic leadership.its very much shameful,GOD should save KENYA.

  • Arthur Mbori

    The music society, the media council, The Kibunja commission, the NSIS, the AG & the Police Commissioner shud take adequate action b4 against these culprits b4 we return to the dark past of last elections.

  • deejay Exxe

    its nice to have people like you around tohave an extra hear for us…..kindly look for other tribal songs too from other community i believe they are there……

  • Jorj O. Job

    Patriotism at it’s best.Thanks for enlightening another Kenyan like me.God richly bless you.

  • Erick Angara

    This is disgusting, I dont know how a normal human being would even dream about going through the stuff that went on 07 post election embarassment! Its high time kenyan noted that the country is greater than politics not unless we want to desperately become another somalia.

  • Jonah

    Traditional/vernacular music is open to myriad translations, and we cannot, and should not take everything on face value, as it has been sold.

    These songs/poems may portend an even more sinister message than the face value speaks, or they could be a harmless play on words.

    Notwithstanding the above coments, common sense should prevail, in that, we, as a country still smarting from the Nyayo era creation of politically instigated clashes, must be a little more careful, a little more sensitive and a little more vigilant, so as not to raise/praise or preach any message(s) that may be easily misconstrued to to call bretheren to arms against their each other.

    As the Waswahili say, ‘Ukiona mwenzio akinyolewa, nawe chako kitie maji’.
    Today, my insensitivity will irk you, and tomorrow, your insensitivity will deny me off my right to life.

  • Sam

    Its so unfortunate that such kind of music are being produced in riveroad nrb n the mcsk r still mum til this mment in tym. Kenyans should stay away frm such divisive songs n uphold the spirit of 2gethernes 4 we r all kenyans regardles of our tribes. Its a shame to muigai,kioi n demethew. Am a proud kenyan n i challenge all peace loving kenyans to PRAY 4 THIS COUNTRY. God bles kenya.

  • Ruth Mwangangi


  • Wamae Mwangi

    Lets always pray for the nation. Remember, the easiest person to change is yourself, you may never change others but occassionally they follow.

  • koki

    so this is good info for those with internet access those in the cities and maybe those who aren’t in the country. Our views are less likely to be as radical because we are exposed and educated (which is why we are on these computers communicating) But what of those in the village, unexposed and vulnerable to such ignorance. We need to reach out to them the most to secure peace in our country.

    • moderatekenyan


      Every small step counts. Disagree on the less radical views online. I have found that guys behind a computer can be very radical. Yes, we need to reach out to all.

  • Jay

    Shocking! This are the people who mutilate the term “music”. What! Cannot fathom the vim and vitriol in this so called music. This is so wrong.

  • We Are All Kenyans « Chrenyan

    […] I started to write it around the time the inflammatory Kikuyu songs were publicized in this excellent article. I commend the author for having the courage to write it. But perhaps it is Providence, after all, […]

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