“To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to go there.” – Kofi Anan

It is not often that I write something and it gets a life of its own.

The last post I did has done that. With many castigating me for writing it and many congratulating me for writing it.  I have received some pretty nasty comments and some really heartfelt ones.

I write because I have an opinion. I write because I seek to share my thoughts. I write as the mirror of the society. I write because that is who I am.

I have no desire whatsoever for attention or fame.

I understand the power of words and I seek to be balanced and truthful in all my writing. If I cannot vouch for it in a court of law I do not write it. That’s my standard.

Before I wrote the last post I really thought about whether to or not. My overriding concern was peace in Kenya. I have no desire to live in a refugee camp after Kenya is torn apart by irresponsible folk. Hence I felt that I had to write and blow the whistle.

I hope that post results in  folk being informed, vigilant and in a discourse that makes Kenya a better place.

“Let everyone sweep in front of his own door and the whole world will be clean.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.














One response to “Reflections

  • Jim Lubowa

    well said. that was a good piece that has brought some action from gava, and let the world know what we could not have known

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