David Munyakei – A Tribute

I wrote this poem ‘Fighting Corruption’ as a tribute to the late David Munyakei in 2006.

Watching the hullabaloo that accrued from the Ngong plane crash I could not help but wonder how right I was all those many years ago.

Having recently learnt how hard it is to stand up for what one believes in, I have new-found respect for Munyakei, a true Kenyan hero!


Fighting Corruption:

They say we are fighting corruption,

even paying someone KSH 2.5 M per month to do it,

and this in a country where 70% live at under KSH. 4,000 per month.

Yes, this is Kenya!

The corrupt are recognized, feted, adored and even said to be smarter (wanjanja),

The good are unrecognized, despised and thought to be foolish (wajinga),

Yes, this is Kenya.

I say Goldenberg,

and instantly you all remember Pattni.

I say Munyakei,

and you all ask WHO?

I will tell you who Munyakei,

David Munyakei to be exact, was.

He worked at Central Bank,

but valued his INTEGRITY more than the money in the vaults

Instead of asking for the expected million shilling bribe,

he blew the whistle on the million shilling scam,

for that he sacrificed everything, and I mean EVERYTHING including his LIFE.

For daring to be different, he died a pauper but his INTEGRITY intact.

I can hear you thinking,

how stupid, what the hell, wish it was me etc etc,

Yes, he was so good, so honest,

but so unKenyan, right?

Yes, this is Kenya.

Be corrupt, get celebrated,

Be clean, get vilified.

Yes, this is Kenya.

What was that about fighting corruption again?

Hmmmmmmm,I thought so.





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