Heart tugging…

I was walking in town this afternoon when I stumbled on a sight that tugged my heart.

A group of IDPs from Mai Mahiu have been sleeping on Harambee Avenue outside the Prime Minister’s office and directly opposite the Office of the President since Thursday last week.

They are seeking the fulfillment of a promise by the Ministry of Special Programmes to give them land.

According to Nahashon Kamau of Vumilia Narok, they were promised two and a quarter acres of land but to-date the government has been playing hide and seek with them.

There is also a dispute between them and the government over whether they should be given land “somewhere in Laikipia” or they should be given Sh500,000 (SH450,000 – land and Sh50,000 – planting) and purchase land where they chose.

So far no government official has spoken to the IDPs who comprise of four different groups: Vumilia Narok, Vumilia Eldoret, Amani (Naivasha)  and Maono Yetu (Nakuru).

According to Beatrice Njeri from Vumilia Eldoret they are surviving on the goodness of well-wishers and will only leave Harambee Avenue when the government fulfills their promise.

Mr. Nashon Kamau cuts a dejected figure peering into space as he contemplates his future.

Ms. Beatrice Njeri with her son Ian.

Baby Miriam Njeri playing on Harambee Avenue.

Njeri’s mum washes clothes on Harambee Avenue.

Clothes hang on a disused parking meter on Harambee Avenue.

A section of the IDPs demonstrating outside Parliament.

This on a day when the president opened the Sh980 million refurbished Parliament and incidentally the Prime Minister is in London to watch the closure of the London Olympics and meet investors.

Never mind  that the President spent a week in London watching the opening of the Olympics and meeting investors and was too busy to meet Kenyan athletes.

It makes you question a lot of things…

UPDATE: As of today,(Friday) afternoon the families are no longer there. I hope that their prayers were answered.




4 responses to “Heart tugging…

  • 3CB

    I saw them there last week and wondered what that was about. I hope their voices are heard.

  • almasimimi

    its heart wrenching..especially when you see people on facebook tribally bashing each other oblivious of real issues such as this, when the government thinks of creating committees that use up money that could be instead used to help this people…..its like they are invisible…

  • almasimimi

    heartwrenching it is..when you see people tribally bashing each other on facebook,oblivious of real issues such as this,when the government still insists on creating new committees when the money should be used to instead help such people..its as if they are invisible..

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